Hawaii Dental Association

Founded in 1903, the Hawaii Dental Association is a professional organizationDentist comprised of dentists who are licensed in and practice in the state of Hawaii. Members are also licensed by the Board of Dental Examiners. As of 2014, the HDA has 980 members – that’s over 90% of all the dentists in Hawaii!

A subsidiary of the American Dental Association, the HDA consists of the four county-level organizations in Hawaii. These county-level organizations are the Hawaii County Dental Society, the Honolulu County Dental Society, the Kauai County Dental Society and the Maui County Dental Society.

The HDA is a private, non-profit organization that is not a part of any county, state or federal government. Each member’s annual dues belong to the HDA. These dues help the HDA sponsor many dental education programs that encourage the state’s dentists to expand their knowledge, update their skills and offer higher quality dental care to the residents of Hawaii.

The HDA also serves as the spokesperson for Hawaii-licensed dentists in the Legislature.